Batman Eternal #42


60 Weeks In Gotham

Batman_Eternal_42No one can escape the army of the undead, not ever our heroes. Wait a minute, I got the wrong comic. How did that happen? And why is speech to text open!?! Oh dear. As always we begin with the cover, Harper Row, now known as Bluebird, teams up with Batman. They are standing on a gargoyle ready to attack. On the official website for DC Comics, they had a preview of this issue that said it won’t have a happy ending. I hope Bluebird is not at risk.

We begin this issue with the nanobot-controlled slaves walking around Gotham as the Mad Hatter tells himself how good a job he did. This would be creepy for anyone and the panels correctly display this. On a roof-top, Bluebird is trying to jump across the skyline but unfortunately flips and does a face-plant. This is funny and it shows that Bluebird…

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